Direct from the RLS Foundation, here are a few tips for
living with RLS:

-Talk about RLS, share information with family and friends

-Don't fight it. Don't suppress the urge to move. Get out of bed
and find an activity that will get your mind off RLS.

-Keep a sleep diary ( I am just starting mine)

-Occupy your mind with something else and this may
ease the symptoms.

-Rise to new levels. Elevate your computer so you have to

-Stretch out. Start your day and end your day with a gentle

-Help others, join a support group or discussion. Or write to me
c/o blog4change about  your experience with RLS

-or simply go on line at   and become
a member of the Restless Leg Foundation. Annual rates only
$30 for U.S. and Canada.

Most of all, realize ongoing research will one day find a cure....

Good luck to all of you (who like myself) do suffer from RLS
and often do not get enough sleep. If we all pull together we
can get through this.....