Suzanne Perry

I went from punching bag to business owner and just launched another venture: a music venue, coffee house and recording studio for young adults. The rest of my life is dedicated to finding those who feel isolated and hopeless, and helping them become individual and get their dignity back, and out of the control of another.

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Actual photographs document Suzanne Perry's journey through over 20 years of being victimized by her husband.

The more I talk, the more I am spoken to. They offered cheers and tears. They formed a line when I finished, to hug, to congratulate, to share their stories, it was really moving.

Peace, it starts with YOU

Inner peace, world peace, starts with your attitude. Be what you preach. Free advice on how to live happier, appreciate more, and radiate it!

It is a sensitive subject. It is a real subject, and it hurts. It's domestic violence, family and spousal abuse. What may shock you is that men are abused almost as much as women are

Nobody deserves to be humilated, degraded or stricken. The heartfelt encouragement brings me to write again.

At the most desolate moment in my life, I literally looked to the ground and received all the support I needed for the rest of my life.

The hurtful torment of control and severe abuse over half of my life, has caused me to sustain enough exposure that I can help those still in it. I say the words and people cry. I can pick them out.

How I got here, and where I'm going. I will help streamline help for victims of child, family abuse and domestic violence. Through art and music with coffee to boot! I will whoosh 2010. Please share my story.

Don't take tomorrow for granted.

As we get older, the people we get to enjoy holiday traditions and memories gets lesser and lesser. Because of domestic violence and conditioning, I was convinced my own family were morons.

We all have a burn inside us...

Persue that which you enjoy doing the most. That is how successful people get there! Stick with your strength. All have at least one!

Its all in the attitude!

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