It is all in the attitude. Let me give you an example. I work from home because I am self-employed. When the school year was about ended in June, I was perturbed.. I was almost begging for a miracle answer as I said to my oldest son, 20 year old Josh... "What am I gonna do with him all summer? I'll go nuts!"  Well moments after that, I had the biggest feeling of guilt imaginable.  Afterall, I am his Mom.

I changed my attitude. How can I make this calculate to work out all summer long?

It came. As long as (5-yr-old) Joey is good and lets me get my work done, then we will jump in the van and do something fun. Boy that is not rocket science, but quite a relief trying it out and seeing we can both be happy!

And I would be weak to say it was that theory that got me through the summer, because man, we had a blast. We went to free concerts.. we sang and danced, we went to numerous ice cream stands, enjoyed downtown Buffalo, the lakefront, and even go-carts. We had a total blast.

Back to the point: your life is 100% about your own attitude. Your attitude controls how people react to you and around you. Realize all the power you actually have in this world to make a difference. Make it a positive one! Try smiling! When you are asked the routine and stale "How are you today?", answer with a smiling, "Outstanding! And you?"  watch the change in expression! You now have immediate interest and stepping out of the regulated mundane canned exchange.

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