Peace, it starts with YOU
By Suzanne Perry
Published on 04/15/2010
Inner peace, world peace, starts with your attitude. Be what you preach. Free advice on how to live happier, appreciate more, and radiate it!

I visited Tuscon and Red Rock, Arizona, as well as Redlands, Laguna, Venice, and Los Angeles, California last month.

The endlessness of the ocean, the smell of the mist, the sound of the rushing waters rushing over the shore, really sucked me into another category of perception.

When you  think you have certain things figured out, another dimension  comes before you.

My whole new realization is acceptance of each other. I literally went coast to coast spreading smiles, peace signs and business cards. I now promote peace thru music. I met musicians on the west coast, some really fanstastic people.

The world doesn't have to be as negative as some profess.  It's really left to interpretation. If you choose to see the good in things, starting with the little things, then your world will become much clearer, just like getting a new pair of 4-D eyes.

I've taken this approach and put it to the test. 97% of the people I encountered reciprocated my smile. Maybe it's because they sensed mine was one from within and not just a 'smile-to-be-nice' smile.

I smile from within and it makes things so easy to communicate, to share my thoughts, to inspire others, and to consistently feed my heart and my senses with more beauty from all directions.

Support and the wanting of peace and acceptance from others multiplies over and over with more people that I meet whether in person or by sharing my articles or photographs.

This morning as I wrote, I looked out my window and saw my cherry tree blossoming.. well my camera is 18 inches from me at all times.. we went and took a couple pics and up they went on facebook. When I snapped them, realized indeed what a beautiful day it is, the sun's love as it shines on my face. The warm air I breathe in. The world is good if you have your positive glasses on.

Having a good day is a choice. Negative things happen all the time. Some will blame others. Some will cry. Some will fight. Some see it as an opportunity to learn.

And one other very important reminder, friends, is we as a tough, hurried people tend to forget that we have feelings. Please be considerate in your words. I as well as most, can scar from an ill word. And words can't be taken back.

My latest deal is when I review bands, I collect food items for the local food bank. I'm making it a friendly fan competition, who's fans are most generous and in a fun way call my campaign: "Show me your can!" :)

Chin up, faith up! Have a great day! Take it and make it yours. Please find and join me on facebook at OP Music House.

Peace always!