We all have a burn inside us...
By Suzanne Perry
Published on 12/10/2009
Persue that which you enjoy doing the most. That is how successful people get there! Stick with your strength. All have at least one!

You can float passively through life. Many, in fact most, people follow that-- File through the department store line, make the purchase and be on your way. I have a different attitude and way of reading people and situations. I really am like a big kid. Talking directly to strangers is still new to me so I am learning but wow... I have had the weakest start, with my voice a little shaky because the target looked mean... all turned around and within 2 minutes attracted other employees and we were all laughing.  I'm just good like that! And that is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much I want to share. I dont sell CDs on self help.. uh oh the power flickered.. major storm comin thru... Google Suzanne Perry + violence, you'll find me!  :)