Doing Good Daily

Positive change in the world starts one deed at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. Blog posts on this page are about the things we can do in our daily lives that can help ourselves and others change for the better.
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The last time I saw her

Life moves along like clouds, and one just never knows where the roads take us...

~Handy stuff In The bag~

~I always carry a cloth bag with me where ever i go ~

~My Visitor~ A Squirrel~

~I have a little Visitor~
Kindness needs to be expressed daily, just as we brush our teeth each morning, we need to express one act of kindness each day.
This is a essay about peace and the way it should start.

~Something I learned About Bluejays~

~When they are around ~ they certainly make them selves noticed~

The Beautiful Mind

A poem on the children and youth how specail they really are.

~Is this the end or the Beginning ?~

What we do from here on~~ shall set the way
Now, what were you thinking. This blog is for those who consider themselves green thumbs and spend much time in the garden. The second part of this blog is about my old boat and progress being made...

Helpfulness is Helpful

people should go out of their way to help another person....If you do these things often, you'll surprise yourself when you start to automatically start volunteering to help someone, or opening doors for everyone
..cause only in challenging ourselves to do better or in taking a leap into the unknown can we truely grow..
It was curious. I had just happened to stop into the bakery to look about. Maybe pick up some sugarless Oatmeal cookies...a conversation began with the store lady....
When they used to provide is the ability to automatically determine the current position of the camera and the same subscriber. This cell will be able to play the role of guide, but a spy
This is a re-post, I posted this last year, right before the start of summer, with the hopes of readers acknowledging the importance and maybe saving an animals life.

Sacred heart

A battered and bruised heart lay still

Tattoo Artist......Bully vs Victim

finding common ground

~A Garage Sale Idea~

I love Garage saling~

RAK and AOL (not the company)....

Random acts of kindness will never, ever be lost, though our perceived freedoms may be.


Been a while
The Robins ~** The first sign of spring**~ are singing ever so sweetly~
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