Bobbie Rae

Personal creed "Dedicated to God, serving in prayer, healing and animal rescue." I no longer work for anyone but God - what a transformative mind set for me and those around me! I am an employed RN working night shifts, active in my church and prayer life. I have a dog sanctuary at my home to foster/re-home Beagles, hounds and senior dogs.

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RAK and AOL (not the company)....

Random acts of kindness will never, ever be lost, though our perceived freedoms may be.

Let Tools be tools, Not your Life

Some comments by reader Nancy reminded me of my mother. She was the first person I ever knew who would not let the telephone interrupt her day or activity.

Silence: Try it, You May Like It

"When I told a colleague at work how I often spend several days without the radio or television on, she blanched."

Working for No Person

As a Christian, I decided (ah, Who decided?) I no longer worked for this manager or even my company - I work for God.

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