For a very long time  ~ we have always fed the birds   around the yard~ the sparows~ chickadees and Robins and whatever other ones that stop for a feed of bird seed mix  ~
 Then of course there are the bigger birds and some seem to be more brave than others~  They come closer and sit and make thier  noises  anouncing thier presence~ 
 Well i thought golly ~ it might be a good idea to put unsalted peanuts~* in the shell *~for the Bluejays  ~ they are so beautiful~
  When they are around  ~ they certainly make thiemselves noticed~
 The loud noise sometimes almost seems as though they are telling you ~ *I am here   Feed me  *S*
   Therefore i have been setting out peanuts for them every so often~~and it sure doesnt take long for them to retrieve them  ~Fly away and gome back for more until they are all gone  ~
 Well as my story goes  ~ One day a neighbour    came into our yard ~ and in his hand he had a brown paper bag~ laughtingly  ~ he said  *I thought you might want your peanuts back*~ 
 My husband looked at him in astonishment and asked  what he meant ~
 Well apparently he had been watching the birds closely  and knowing that they are scavengers  ~   They were hiding the peanuts that they got at our place in his yard~ always in the saame place~
 So he decided to gather up a bag full ~ and in good neighbourly fun ~ brought them back  ~ I now shell the peanuts   so that they eat them rather than store them ~ 
We learn all the time   ~*S*