Going Green

Doing good things to change for the better isn't all about people, it's also about the earth. What have you done today, or what do you think others should be doing to help the world get green. All posts in this section are related to the 'going green' movement.
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Colleges find green is the way to go

As colleges and universities set up new majors and minors in green studies, students are filling them up fast.

Sticking To IT

Well, I guess my final thought on this post will be that while I normally agree with the music I happen to be listening to at the moment when I'm writing, this time I have to disagree with the Counting Crows: the world is not all a bunch of oysters with no pearls. There are tiny pearls, maybe some darker than others, we just have to look for them.

Wasting food

Wasting food! Pah!

Not The Easiest!

So here's my deal, and I'm starting to wonder if I've gotten in over my head already or if I should just keep trying and keep going.

We Can All Help.

We all need toy work together to save the earth.

So much liiiggghttt!

Our household appliences use so much light! Open microwaves, freezers, fridges, telivisions etc! WOW!

Fountain pen ink

We use many ink pen cartridges a year. An average school child uses just under 2 and a half kilograms of unrecyclable plastic a year!

Small Changes That Last

Identifying small changes others are doing that can make a difference

30 Going Green Tips

Every little bit a step to help save the earth and save you money.

Oh darn. Stupidity or Conspiracy?

ZiptoGreen.com is a new resource that uses ZIP Codes to connect every consumer in America to every energy efficiency and renewable energy resource ... An RFP was released on Tues., Oct. 27 for a website that sounds a whole lot like what ZiptoGreen does. Given that the RFP was due back on Nov. 2 ... I suspect there is more to this picture than meets the eye.


This is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Another day another dollar!

Web Travels and New Ideas

Going Green? Here's some starters!

So, I decided that another good indication of the success of my project would be to measure my ecological footprint. I found a TON of great sites for doing so. This one was my favorite: http://www.myfootprint.org

The points

This is an outline of how I will award points to determine the success of Project Efficient Home. The project officially starts at midnight, October 1st, 2009, and is to be completed in one year.

Project Efficient Home

Overall Project Goals: 1. Decrease our waste production, and our carbon footprint. 2. Post to my blog at least once a week, if not more 3. Increase awareness for recycling and reducing waste production 4. Show my support for local business, and show that it is easier and more cost-efficient to use these local gems rather than Big Business. 5. Find easy ways for the everyday busy person to save the planet, and save money!

Who am I and why am I blogging?

A litte more about me...

Plastic-free eating - days 3-5

Along with their plastic trays, factory chickens have had their day in this household. Castile soap investigated. A drastic reduction in black dustbin bags after only half a week.

Plastic-free eating - day 2

Another day, another shop! And an interesting foray into yoghurt making, which turned into cream cheese making.

Plastic-free eating - day 1

First shopping day on the new regime.
In less than a year, O'Rourke and a team of scientists and engineers working out of an office in downtown San Francisco have analyzed the ingredients in more than 75,000 products. And they have rated them from 0 to 10 – with 10 being the best score – based on their environmental impact, as well as on health and social factors.
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