John Goodman

I am a creative writer and poet who lives in one of the boroughs in New York City. I believe world peace is coming. And the way you change the world is by reading and exaimining the holy christian bible. I am a writer cause I interpret well. The blogs I do are on politics, religion, God, world peace and the social issues of today. I use common & practical sense to express myself. I hope to inspire thought.
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A poetry piece on the who has the right voice and who don't!

The fakes are there -unmask'em!

all about fraud religions

Thou shall not kill"...

follow the ten commandments

This is a essay about peace and the way it should start.

A special essay on peace--

The Beautiful Mind

A poem on the children and youth how specail they really are.

An essay about the freedom of speech law in america..

It's like we are in hell on earth..

Poem about how reproducing is key for life..

God is above your human father...

A simile on how religion and God is similar to your relationship with your Father...

The Intelligent child

This is the opinon of mine on the plight of intelligent people in society..

The Park

This is a short essay on the park

Philosophical Poetry

A rhyme on philosophy..

CHANGE-My philosophy

My opinon and philosophy on change

The battle to see who is strongest.


Be A mother-

this is an essay on how to be a mother. The reasoning that all woman should be mother's for life

Stop the mystery

The truth has to be told .. if not then your lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York where it all began!

it is a short paragraph or two stating the role and importance of the city Called NEW YORK CITY!!


this is a poem called pride..

Truth and acceptance.

truth and acceptance

The world we live in''

The World we live in'

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