The scientology religion is one of a fraud why? They beleive that we all originated from a galaxy far off and from a civilization that is far advanced than ours? "Of higher earthly beings" -Not God? But it's false and wrong,
My reasoning is this: Even though yes we mankind are always seeking to learn and advance our society, we are here in reality terms in a quest to do good, act moral and begin a brighter day for our children, to please God, because he told us so, evidence - Jesus Christ quote" When you pray, pray to the father!"
The fact is we are not on a quest to fly and search out  to space creating other worlds like they say? No! My response to them is we are advanced, but we are human beings and are always taking two steps forward and three steps back. See Mr. Scientologist -we are a curious species whom make mistakes. In case you did not know. We are human and made in the likeness of our God.