If you know it's true, then why do you not agree with it?
Tell me why it is, if we got people who are bleeders, they eat, they are not animals. They are the mentally ill, the physically ill. They feel, the care,love and have talents.  Now if these people are suffering, in a society where; the society is way to rough -do you not think we should change this whole society? 
           Bring in world peace...Do you not believe. It will help. That is the code word of the day. Jesus Christ said 'For every time you done for the least of my brothers you have done it for me'.
           You do not have to kiss them. Just lend a helping hand. It's about time to care. That is what will cure and save this world! more-
So with that being said. Does that not include in the mix that we need to care, respect, and even honor thee senior citizens and older persons of the world, whehter disabled or not. You know them, they are part of the human being popualtion. Have a agreement. Set up a establishment- using the same capitalism system in control.Where we would have free housing, free recreation and free health care provided to them.Again education, education  is key. These will be rewards for being a retired,older person and for the effort  you put in and labor you have done in our society.
You are young now, but do you not want to be respected and cared for after your tenure of living on the earth? It is going to happen.Do you not agree these ideas will manifest if we teach the right education?  Teach the children. Teach them lessons on life. On we can YES develop a better world. Teach -Teach- Teach. That is how you get Change!
 Change- for the ill, the children and the old of our population, but more over the whole popualtion -forever!