John Goodman

I am a creative writer and poet who lives in one of the boroughs in New York City. I believe world peace is coming. And the way you change the world is by reading and exaimining the holy christian bible. I am a writer cause I interpret well. The blogs I do are on politics, religion, God, world peace and the social issues of today. I use common & practical sense to express myself. I hope to inspire thought.
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This is it what I've been talking about for the past 20 years the synopsis of the history of mankinds journey to express our self....just read it if you like it then read again ,then if you still like it read one more time ,,then if you are still liking it then write A comment.. thanks!

Basically this is about where the priorities should be in todays society!!

About the sociology of then and now hence, what to do in the Future!

Reality vs. Spirituality

don't believe the media, don't believe the t.V. people we need a change.


IT IS About how we should live or the choices we can live by ,,if any?!!!

Be yourself


History & The changing Opinion of GOD

My opinions on Mankind's personal opinion of God.

A CALL TO ARMS..peace...

All about the Peace the techniques, the reasons and meanings


it is a very small collection of parables and poems; re: How the human experience, how we have done, what we can learn to do, how we have learned to exist.

God is Nature

It is a poetry on basically the topic God , how he is to be known by us.

We as humans beings living on this planet Earth..we want a world where there is Peace, Love, and Understanding Rule.Do you want Peace?...If no don't read this..if yes keep reading...If we want to stop the rebellion , the battles of misunderstanding,wars and Crime..then 'Let's start it'I wish I could change the world but I can not 'no use'.maybe I know sure can't do it alone.............................................

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