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An avid writer and student of life, I routinely perform sitting, walking and writing meditation with hatha yoga. Having studied with Natalie Goldberg, I use these methods as a way to study the mind and to practice believing in myself. To learn more about my personal practice and how you can also create your own ways to meditate, visit: My personal writing is published regularly on my blog:

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It’s Monday, what’s not wrong?

Meet yourself on this Monday. Just take a moment and listen to the outer and inner make-up of this day. Really be open to objectively examining it. Then ask yourself this question: what’s not wrong?

Waking Up with Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a buddhist film as it depicts Wonderland as this recurring dream for Alice to revisit, which is equivalent to samsara. This is where she encounters the crevices and creatures of her own mind. It is where she grows courageous to slay her inner demons. It is where she confronts dangers and deaths. The purpose of Zen, as is the purpose of Wonderland, is to go beyond the conditioned mind and body. To have a spiritual awakening, we must prepare to believe in the impossibilities… six before breakfast… would be a good practice!

Holy Cow

In India, cows are walking hindu gods; worshipped for their giving, gentle nature. In America, cows are walking hamburgers. India has Gandhi. And now, America has Temple Grandin. Both of these great minds have promoted much peace on this planet. A peaceful death is a great blessing. We can change the world with this viewpoint. Both Gandhi and Grandin are teachers of great compassion who help us aspire for peace.

Each moment promises the potential to see the big picture. Let us all celebrate the Oscars, the movies, the actors, and the practice of self realization with some popcorn!

10 Reflections for 2010

It is 2010, a new year. Instead of listing resolutions, I create a list of reflections from my recent study of Tenzin Palmo’s life story and teachings. From time to time, a book can open your heart. This book split open my desire to sit with my own suffering. To sit with ourselves - this should be our only resolution. We must transform our suffering into seeds of compassion. We must first offer kindness to ourselves and then to others.

Inventory of Good-Byes

As the end of 2009 draws near, have you reflected on how to say good-bye to this year? Take ten minutes to sit and meditate on all of the ways you have said good-bye. Use another ten minutes to write them down. Pay attention to the comings and goings of your own life.

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