Kit Woods

Kit is a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki. She is also a Master of Soma Ki and has taken courses for reflexology and hot stone massage. She loves healing work of all kinds and thrives to be a healing presence to anyone who is drawn to working with her as a healer or wellness coach. Kit also teaches meditation and spiritual development in Bradford, Ontario

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What Is Today For You?

What is your plan for the day? Does it include family? What does that mean to you? This is my day.

Say It With Me Now

Give yourself the chance to have a good day today

Why Am I Telling Myself To Be LARGE?

We do this all the time, at the restaurant, the movies and even at home. We do it unconsciously - completely unaware of the energy we are putting out and the message that we send to our bodies.

Whole Life Detox

The line has been drawn in the sand. I can no longer go on as I have. Something's gotta give and I'm so excited about that!


We live in a diverse world and we are diverse people even within ourselves. Let's honour that.

Fear and Shame...time to get over it?

Why do we allow fear and shame to live in us? Why do we allow others to tell us we should be fearful or ashamed? It isn't for our highest and best good, so maybe it's time to let it go....yes, I think so!

Where Do We Go From Here?

A look back on how life can change in a heart beat and become magnificent if we choose it to be so right now.

And So We Begin

The beginning of a blog about changing life and appreciating life. A journey into healing.

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