The Opti

I struggle almost daily, ups and downs, highs and lows, can I not just stay on one for a while? The Opti is enjoyable, when I am up she is on, but sometimes she does not last long. I shall try to keep her with myself for longer and longer in hopes that one day she will stay, but then again would I be me if I did not struggle to keep her?

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One Earth

Everyone and everything always seems so different.




When you close your eyes in silence, the waves you feel inside your body are your spirit and strenght, let those waves crash into the shore and spread.

Step 1 to becoming my FUTURE ME

Step 1 to becoming my FUTURE ME

Future You

Do you ever wondered how you have gotten to this point? Have you ever allowed yourself to really feel where it is you want to be? How badly do you want to be able to feel that feeling everyday for the rest of your life?

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