Humanitarian Heart

I am a 19 year old business administration student who has been searching for some way to feel fulfilled since leaving Mexico. I spent the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, traveling Canada doing motivation experiences in highschools, and living in Mexico building homes. Since returning to Canada, I've been searching for a way to fill my humanitarian heart again. This blog might help me do that. Stay tuned for thoughts, links and stories as to how I do this and what inspires me to continue.

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Good Day

Today I am thankful for... a daily reflection of the beauty of each day. :) Everyday can be a good day.

Thankyou. You know not what your words can do, keep blogging. You are all wonderful.

Haiti Relief

What's $10 to you? What's $10 to a Haitian family who just lost everything?

Risk It: Try, Try Again

10 Days In and I've Already Been Knocked Down. :S

Risk it: New Years Resolution

Join me in this journey. What will you risk today?

Missing Something

Since returning home I have made a number of small but difficult changes in my life, including switching to fair trade coffee, recycling and power conservation. Even though I have made these small changes, now that I spend everyday in a classroom learning how to use different computer programs, accounting, and english, my purpose seems to be lost again.

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