Learn to be my best friend to myself first. SAY ALWAYS good things to myself, never think the worse. Is NEVER that. My dream is to have a big Family, marry my best friend, be his best friend. is the most important thing. positive/ good people in my life. Feel that I’m useful because of MY BRAIN not my face, or because I m pretty. Have fun, and see the positive side even when you make mistakes, get up and remember be kind to me, I am only human, but always recognize your mistakes, and learned from them. Always be kind to other people no matter where are they from and who are they. Communicate yourself in a very clear way. It is important you make your point, And LISTEN, really listen. Have to learn to separate the personal life from work, put your blackberry away. And check your blackberry on breaks only. Be on time. Enjoy life more. Smile. SMILE , SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Achieve your potential intellectually so you can achieve a personal success, self steem, love your self. Be honest, say it like it is. In a loving way, remember people are like me. We are fragile inside even though we look strong. LEARN NEW THINGS, every day! read, read, read. Travel, be free and be with someone at the same time. There is a trust, interdependence that you have and you can share your life, but have a life first to share, don’t take HIS life, and live your life. Don’t do things like they are action items, enjoy every minute. Start by getting to know the person first, and vice versa, start really slow, take your time. Let the other person get to know you too.