Bona Dea

I am a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, committed to fighting and ending modern day slavery. I have participated in various organizations that have fought oppression and injustice, ranging from anti-racism to anti-war. I have also created a Latino Institute to support the Latino community, and organized and hosted various human rights events and workshops on campus and in my local community.

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Tango as a reflection of life!

In essence, I see the Tango as much more than a dance. When a song by Astor Piazzolla comes on, and the room fills up with the energy of each couple, to watch and to dance this beautiful dance is truly overwhelming. I feel as if all my distractions and worries fade away and I am free. To find this kind of passion for me had been a long time coming, but now that I have it, I never want to let it go...

The Origins of Bona Dea

All this I hold true to my being. I am the "good goddess", an abolitionist, a womanist, and an activist. I am many things with many contradictions, but one thing I am not is inauthentic. Thus, this blog will be a reflection of all that Bona Dea is and more...all that I am and stand for. I invite you to come along with me on this journey!

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