DEAR FRIENDS- In my essay "How I Cured My Incurable Disease With Love" I described to you my miraculous recovery from a crippling and life-threatening illness that had never before been cured. My victorious quest for health and recovery completely changed my life- and led me inward to the core of love and aliveness that enabled my body and spirit to "beat the odds" and arise in glowing health and joy.
For many years I worked as a Licensed Acupuncturist, Bioenergetic Psychotherapist and Self-Love guide for people who themselves had chronic and life-threatening illnesses. In the course of my own healing journey and in my work with my patients it became clear to me that the best way to rebuild the foundations of health and cure disease is to stay focussed on certain key principles that guide one's steps on the path of recovery.
Whether your problem is a physical illness, an emotional/mental struggle, a spiritual crisis- or as in my case all of these at once- you will stay on course toward greater and greater health by using "The Six Healers" to guide and channel your efforts.
The "Six Healers" will empower you to create your own miracle by connecting you to the Force of Life and Love within. I offer them to you as one who has felt the fear and despair you so often feel, and wrestled with the challenges you face every day. And I say to you- lift up your heart and fear not! Just as I found the answers I needed within myself, I believe with all my heart that you can find them too.
Here, then, are Six Healers- guiding principles- that will always shine love, wisdom and understanding toward you when you need it the most!

1. The Zen of Food. Every day your diet is either weakening your overall health or strengthening it. The foundation for building up your life-force and enabling your body to regenerate itself is food which amplifies your self-healing capacity- and certainly doesn't detract from it! Empower yourself by trying different approaches to diet and its impact on your healing until you find the "food zen" that fits your body's needs.
Also- happily realize that pleasure is a major healing factor in all illnesses, and that whatever diet you need to embrace there are ways to make each mealtime a real treat. Learn how to nurture and pleasure yourself with the type of food that adds to your self-healing forces.
2. Natural Medicine. In the end, genuine health is only restored through the body's ability to repair itself. It is all-important to remember this- you have not dissolved the roots of your illness and fully restored your health until your body has healed itself from within and "on its own power".
The best methods to boost your body's self-healing capacity are the right diet (see above), Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, Classical Homeopathic Medicine and Ayurveda. These latter three are the great natural medical methodologies, with thousands of years of proven ability to treat chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Western chemical drugs may control the symptoms of your illness, and even make it appear that the problem has been cured. But the underlying systemic imbalance which caused the illness and its symptoms will remain and return as a "relapse" or another illness later in life. Chemical drugs, while sometimes helpful in an emergency, ultimately are also poisons and as a general rule should be employed as a last resort and as briefly as possible.
3. Heal your feelings. By far the most overlooked factor in chronic illness- especially those which resist cure- is the destructive impact of buried emotional stress. I cannot overemphasize how much your stored-up feelings of fear, anger, sadness, guilt and shame negatively impact your brain, nervous and hormonal systems, and indeed all of your internal organs.
In the course of healing my own illness- which the best doctors in the world told me was incurable- I discovered the dynamic and direct relationship between releasing my emotional pain and steady improvement in my overall state of health.
My personal experience was confirmed over and over in my work with my patients. People who came to me with cancer, Aids, heart disease, lupus, Crohn's syndrome, asthma, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, chronic pain of all kinds (including arthritis, migraines, back pain etc.) were often resistant to both natural and chemical/surgical methods. But when they began Bioenergetic Psychotherapy with me and worked to get in touch with and release their buried feelings, the diet and natural methods that they were using finally "kicked in" and triggered steady improvements. Every person with a chronic illness needs to be working toward a thorough "emotional cleansing" that frees the deepest stress from their body and spirit and lets the healing process "get unstuck" and move forward.
4. Tune into your soul. I have discovered that the soul is a healing genius- the greatest physician of all!- and it always knows the next step you need to take on your journey back to health. Becoming more and more able to listen to that "still, small voice" will help you follow your intuitions and hunches- about what diet to eat, which medical methods to use, which doctors to work with, etc. Your soul is always speaking to you through intuitions and apparent "coincidences" which are usually synchronistic. Explore them, see where they lead and trust that you are being guided by the Genius Physician within you.
When our minds are at rest and our bodies and hearts are still, the light of our soul becomes visible. The two most powerful ways to quiet the "background noise" of mental chatter and emotional stress- thereby enabling you to see/hear/intuit your soul's guidance- are Zen Meditation that focusses on bodily awareness, and Core Energetic/Bioenergetic work which does the same and adds the practice of releasing your fear/anger/sadness etc.
5. Have faith! No matter what physical, emotional or spiritual problem you are struggling with, you need to pay daily attention to the state of your faith. Ultimately you need to believe- not only in your mind but deep in your heart and emotions as well- that whatever the odds you are facing your miraculous body and life-force can and someday will throw off their chains and be free. On the path of a "healing pilgrim" you need to be absolutely clear that ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS KEEP ADDING TO YOUR STATE OF HEALTH- moment-by-moment, day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year. And completely trust that by doing so your healing will progress as surely as spring follows winter and the sun will rise tomorrow.
In everyone with chronic and/or life-threatening illness, it is natural for faith and despair to exist side-by-side. Don't be afraid to admit that you sometimes despair and to reach out for understanding and support! I actually greatly strengthened my faith not by denying the despair I felt, but bravely admitting it was there and working directly to release it. Again, meditation and Core/Bioenergetic work are enormously effective processes for confronting and letting go of your anguish and doubt. You can do it!
Faith has the power to galvanize our sleeping life-force and heal any disease. Thousands of so-called "incurable" illnesses- whether mental, emotional or physical- have been transformed by the uplifting energy of a person's faith.
6. Love yourself- unconditionally! The most important factor in creating my healing miracle was the love and caring I awakened toward myself. In the depths of my heart I discovered an unconditionally devoted "Inner Mother" who was willing to work every moment of every day- for a whole lifetime if necessary- to heal her sick child. A fierce and tender compassion for myself made me willing to do and try ANYTHING necessary to improve, for as long as it would take.
Love made my body and spirit want to live, love gave me the strength to never give up and love ultimately brought me back to life.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you that recovery can be a long and difficult path. It often demands everything you have and more. And then, when you are drained and on your knees, it challenges you to find hope and strength you never suspected you had. Never give up and KEEP GOING! Always go deeper and you will find the precious jewels of wisdom, of faith, of strength that you need to keep moving forward.
In the end, your unconditional love for YOU will be the Fountain of Living Water that flows through your veins- and renews you. Again and again it will restore you, as you reach inward for the miracle of life you believe in- and beyond all doubt deserve! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN