The Four Declarations of Unconditional Self-Love: Say these to yourself every day to awaken your complete and joyful self-acceptance.
1. "I totally and absolutely love you".
2. "I completely believe in you".
3. "There is nothing wrong with you and there never has been".
4. "I promise that I will always love you and I'll never leave you".

DEAR FRIENDS- Unconditionally loving and accepting yourself is the ultimate "viral phenomenon". The wider your heart opens to YOU- to your own beauty, perfection and rightness- the more your happiness grows. Self-love and happiness are contagious and your own joy hastens the awakening of others to the delight of loving themselves.
It's a wonderful truth that Self-Love radiates outward- one enlightened heart to another-  and carries the message of hope around the world to all who have been waiting for it!
And we are ALL waiting for it! LOTS OF LOVE- BRIAN
P.S. "Memes" are cultural ideas that spread through the internet virally. If you like, re-post this "love meme" and help the Self-Love Revolution "go viral". Let's see what we can do!