I think depending on how many folks read my blogs, just about everyone knows that we recently lost our precious old friend (doggie), Sandy. And such a character she was. Sure she had a few habits, unique to her, such as barking whenever the phone rang, even if it were a phone on a television show. She must have found that ringing sound annoying. She so loved to travel with me on some of my long and short haul trucking. I remember doing a few late night city deliveries and Sandy came along, enjoyed the country songs on the radio and looking out at passing cars and trucks. It seemed as though she was always trying to figure out just how far we were from home. Well, this one night there was a call, I had to pick up a rush delivery from a nearby refinery and when I got there, I realized that dogs were not allowed past the security gate. Well, the old guard knew me fairly well and when I told him that our precious Sandy-dog was in the front seat of the truck next to the drivers seat and he simply smiled and said, oh I didn't see anything and waved me on...because he too liked this bundle of fun and energy. Those big beautiful brown eyes...and on a few other trips, one towards the Saskatchewan border both my wife and Sandy came along and what a great trip that was. Sandy seemed to understand she was in some little town where she had never been, keenly looking about, sometimes even looking up as though checking the stars. And on a northerly trip I remember her curiously making a note of the Northern lights. She seemed to find them fascinating. Some of the best moments were going to the lake, where Sandy just knew this was her special place, with the garden, the trails, the sounds of the coyotes and she often sat around the fire with us, just a quiet and wonderful member of the family. Sadly age caught up to Sandy. She did not seem to enjoy the travel as much, even going to the lake she wanted to rest in the cottage and I really beleive she knew when the time came for her to go to doggie heaven. It was just Sandy's nature to know these things. And often when the house is quiet at night and she is no longer physically with us, I swear I hear the sound of her feet crossing the hardwood floor in the living room. Where would life be without our precious little Friends. And they are there and in many ways, continue to be there as part of our family.... Bless all the little and big dogs in this world today O Lord, this is a special prayer for all those who have crossed the rainbow bridge and gone to doggie heaven. Amen