It was a back a ways when I had written a blog about Tyler Perry. And Tyler has kept in touch, sending along some unusual but interesting articles about his movies, about things that are for example this latest item about the well Tyler was digging in his back yard. Wait a minute, let Tyler tell the is an
excerpt from his article....

Tyler writes:" Hey John, a few years ago I was getting these insanely high water bills. I mean HIGH. So  I decided to dig some wells in my yard
to have water for my landscape..."

Anyways Tyler goes on to dig deep and deeper without success and finally discovers water around 1200 feet. At 1200 feet the driller asks Tyler:
"We don't usually drill this deep, this is going to be expensive!"

Tyler responds:"Sometimes you have to go deeper to get what you are after, no matter what the cost!"

And Tyler goes on to say:"In 2013 I want you to apply that to your life in all ways. Sometimes you will spend time on a thing and it will produce no water.Don't be afraid to move to another spot. You can't have fear, I don't care how much time you put into it. If the well is dry, MOVE ON. Nothing lives where there is no living water. Be it a relationship, a job or a business, don't be afraid to move to another spot." and Tyler continues...
"Now, on the other hand, if you are digging your well and you are not only sure where you want to be but where God wants you to be, then keep digging in that same spot. And don't stop digging until you hit a river of blessings. Don't stop praying until you start living in the change that you have been waiting for."

And you know, Thanks Tyler, don't mind at all getting these letters from you. After all, we share that common bond about what life is really about.
Bless you in 2013 Tyler Perry.