For those of you, perhaps a little like myself, sitting  on the fence about which religion to embrace - yet finding great faith in our own hearts - it can be a little troubling to get the letters in the mail, brochures about needing to be saved, etc.  The wave of technology, written word and media, seems to move in a counter-productive way.  Being told, this is the right one, this is the right place, this is the right Church. And you know what - it may be, for you or your neighbor, and then again, it may not.

My inspiration comes from a variety of music, books,articles, voices on the telephone, a brief word with the neighbor over the fence, a news report, a television show, a movie. Even a dream. And not to forget how inspiring and wonderful our family pet can be with their unconditional love.

So - how do I handle these letters I get from various Pastors and individuals asking for a donation? Well, I do look over the material. I know that some  Ministries  (can be quite agressive) do once in a while have a simplistic message within their letter (before they ask for cash)  and such information can be useful. Even listening to some of the Sunday morning radio and television Evangelical types, brazenly telling us if we don't abide by the ways - we will go to you know where -
and thats ok sometimes too.

Some of us thrive within a church, join the choir,
help with the collection plate, etc and others are equally at home, deep in the woods, or even in the quiet of their home or back yard. Just to find a way to quietly share a moment with our Creator to know in our hearts we are not alone in our struggles, on the long hard road of life....

So it really does not matter. Time will move forward whether you want it to, whether you are ready or not. The sun will rise and set. The wind will call your name. And somehow each of us gets through another day, another year. All is good.
So I say thankyou to those radio ministries, to those Sunday religious shows, to those who have and continue to bombard my mail box with letters and requests for a donation. Bottom line, its all reaching in the right direction - and as long as you don't get offended by those hounding you, just remember they have good intentions, and you are
(like myself) free to chose what you want to embrace, even for a short while. Because if it gives you a momentary lift - the purpose has been served. And as for making a donation - I really think that each of us needs to understand our own finances and know in our hearts what and where we want to contribute to. We have our limit. And indeed, should not feel there is pressure on us. Just quietly accept that everyone is different and all this difference does blend into one road, one truth, one way that is the right way.....
and even on some of our darkest days and moments we know there will be some of the Strangest Places to find we perceive Him to be....within our hearts....