Alas oh Sandy Dog, alas we set you free

My heart aches
the night is quiet
as I gaze up to the stars
you are gone away-
and I know now
we had to set you free
though it pains my heart
You Sandy dog
you just meant so much to me!
and on the ground
I see the snowy trails
where you took your last walk
on the couch I sit still and quiet,
that was where we used to talk-
Alas somewhere in puppy heaven
just so far from our reach
though in my heart and mind
remain all the precious lessons
only Sandy dog could teach
unconditional love, the stars yell out
and another night I just can't sleep
Oh Sandy dog you kind kind heart
all the memories now I shall keep
for you are always beside me
perhaps invisible now & leaving no track
its just that when the night is so quiet
thoughts of you keep coming back
and you are gone away from me
but I know now, as I shed more tears
we had to set you free-