...and in that phone call last evening a friend simply said that the hurt shall take time. And here it is day two from the time Sandy has gone. My appetite is poor. I barely got through breakfast. I walked the route alone, that I used to walk with our precious Sandy, last evening. Everyone was up late. There were more tears in our household. More words. More memories. Photos on the wall of our Sandy.
And the nagging feeling, that somehow I must, I must get through this, I must get through this. But the clock and calender do not help. The phone calls from many friends and relatives have helped a little. The advice from two senior Veternarians helped. And the day of our loss even the Vet spoke about his dog, a black lab and how he needed to put her down. And I could hear his voice break. And see his tears. And I knew we were not alone in our grief.

We reflected on moments with a young Sandy, playing with her toys, running through the woods,
and all those absolutely irreplaceable moments.And then an older Sandy with her various ailments, the operation on her leg, watching her struggle on the few steps leading to the back door and only wanting to sleep at the cottage she so loved. Just not the same. And that is the way it is for you and I. We get older, we have our ailments, our hair turns gray, we watch loved ones leave this earth. We begin to hobble a little, our step is a lot slower and we tire easier and need rest. Our pets are quite the same and yet, our love for them cannot possibly change, for the fact is - they are irreplaceable.

Oh Lord, help me through yet another day without our little Sandy...without our little friend....