I would like to devote this blog to all those readers and fellow bloggers that have experienced the loss of a pet. It was our turn today. And no shortage of 
tears and kind words for a little dog that was such a large member of the household. Going for walks, going to the lake, hiking through the ravine, visiting Mom at the hospital with us before Mom passed away and waiting patiently for us to rescue her from the vet clinic when she was there for a shampoo or check up. Her previous owner Margaret introduced us to Sandy when she was
considerably younger.We watched her age as we aged, go in for a leg operation about the time I was in for appendicitis. And if anyone was not well she would stay close by. Truly a love and joy. And we shall miss her so very much.

We are truly thankful to the Doctors and staff at the Vet Clinic who also watched her health change, and sadly during the last few days she was not holding her food and sleeping a great deal. Her time had come. Likewise tears and sorrow, because dear little friend, we shall not see you tommoro.

And we just wanted to share this day with you.
Hopefully dear readers(for those of you with a special dog or cat or bird or horse or other) we wish both yourself and your friend a joyous and safe and happy Christmas. Sandy has now left the building.....and we shall always remember her....