We hear it all the time. Those who complain and continue to blame everyone else but themselves for all the problems in the world

Whatever it is we are wanting to achieve, it is usually quite attainable. Just look at the track record of those who travelled the same road before us, with all the twists and bends and difficulities. The pioneer, the cowboy, those who are disabled in one form or another (Have you seen the movie
Door to Door with William H. Macy - based on the life of Bill Porter, a salesman with cerebral palsy??)

Well, life can have its harsh moments even for those seemiingly best equipped to handle them -
yet its often a chore and a real life task to move forward....but move forward we must....

And not only believe in ourselves but believe in the power of change, the power of goodness, the power of faith, the power of all the things it takes to complete a task that may have looked not only daunting but darn near impossible on the surface. Life gives you a lemon, get out the juicer and make that big helping of lemonade...

And yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. And with those words, you will. And you do. And life is good.!!