We tend to think of Eastern Canada as the place where this country truly began...and in some ways it may be true, but as a westerner I think we have caught up and caught on to some of the arrogance
and are now fighting back. For example, it was noted recently when young Justin Trudeau travelled
west to Alberta he was not exactly complimentary towards the west. But then again, what would you expect of the son of a former Prime Minister, who was also somewhat unhappy with the west...?
We are after all, the oil people, we are farmers and ranchers, we are a rather small population but we work damn hard in the west. We understand bad times and good times, easy times and hard times.
And the last thing we need is an arrogant Liberal
leadership hopeful....to try to tell us who we are and what we are about. Sorry mate, its not your show anymore. And in the west we have more sense to make certain we do not worry but rather like to
show respect to our eastern cousins, in Ontario,
Quebec and the maritimes. After all, we are all part of this great lone land. And I actually doubt very much we will be pulling for Justin anytime soon if ever...perhaps we can simply view the young Trudeau as an immature somewhat arrogant
gent who has come into politics at a time much different from when his Dad called the shots...and even then, not for long.  What we need in Ottawa and accross Canada  is to simply remember that we ALL live here and need to be positive towards one another...and I very much have my doubt that the problems Trudeau speaks about have to do with the money brokers and power that is now in the west.
Rather, Justin Trudeau is simply a legend - in his own mind...and totally lacks any real connection with Alberta and thats okay with us - we are prepared to fight back -  and again that is because it is here in the west where the railway wound through the rockies...that took some brains and muscle and we really like to avoid any kind of pretend arrogance - hey, Justin, the show has not even started. Take a seat. Relax. And watch. And learn.

For those willing to come to Alberta and help along
with this wild economy.....just remember to dig in and help and not be too critical....if you are in fact
Alberta bound - we will welcome you, just as I am certain the easterners would welcome us - if we came over to help....