I cannot see any reason or advantage in making a change to the Muslim faith. That is just my way of thinking... But that does not mean that others feel the same way as they have a personal choice to 
make the change. The teachings of Mohamed go back a very long way and perhaps the very fact that it would be difficult to accept and understand a book such as the Qur'an written in Arabic - would be a real hurdle. Although Catholics for the most part do not have a real understanding of Latin and yet its very much part of the Church.

The Church has not always stayed out of the political arena and yet politics seems to have as much an impact on religion as religion has within
politics. There is a tendency in Canada and perhaps North America to remove the reference to Jesus.  And equally sad for those who embrace the Muslim faith - some people tend to somehow want to connect the Muslim religion to political activisim. And I doubt that was ever the intention of
the Muslims. For the most part these folks seem very dedicated in daily involvement in their faith. And the Muslim faith is no doubt a religion that has and continues to expand and include a greater diversity among its members.

Likewise, Pentacostal and Baptist and other religions are noticing a greater number of people attending their service.

Perhaps its the fragility of the world we live in where there is a need to seek a connection to God
whatever and however we believe the Creator to be. Whether Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, or other religion, as long as you feel good and fulfilled by being a participant, then perhaps that is the religion of your choice, and the one that meets your needs.

Just as long as we seek Spiritual fulfillment, then
we are each and everyone of us, on the right track!! And the right track for one, is not necessarily the right track for another. Its as much about undertanding as it is acceptance...And its critical each of us try to understand the various religions on our small planet, whether we agree with them or embrace them - is a personal choice.