Elk Island Park was likely a favorite place for our parents to take the kids. And still a popular aspen parkland where visitors mmight not notice, but the park is home to some 250 different species of birds, a couple of cougars were re-located here and the bison seem quite content. Cultural history in Elk Island National Park goes back to the time of glaciers...and both the Sarcee and Cree were established here long ago...And as for the buffalo it is most interesting that Buffalo were moved from Montana to Alberta in the early 1900's and recently 70 were shipped back to Montana. Elk Island National Park is all about conservation and preservation. The animals are deemed to be healthy and its a real treat to drive for less than an hour to enjoy a wonderful place like Elk Island Park, whether you walk, ski, bicycle or drive. Its worth taking the time to explore this small but wonderful National Park