June 2, 2012, there was an accident involving two vehicles. Police arrived and discovered one driver had walked away from the scene. Neither a search party nor police dogs or thermal imaging could find 43 year old Darryl Kropielnicki. It was thought that as a result of the accident Darryl became disoriented, either wandered into the bush and perished from a combination of coldness, and his injuries. The other thought was that he wandered into a slough....

Well, I chanced to speak with Darryl shortly after his Dad died from cancer. Still quite upset about a loss of a loved one, Darryl still managed to speak about the car accident and how he finally found home.He simply took a different route and as he put it..."No doubt, I had an angel with me..."And wandering through the bush through the night, without shoes and without most of his clothing,
seems to be quite an incredible feat for anyone. It was estimated that Darryl walked some 25 km. to
get to his farm, drank slough water, became incredibly sick and at the same time suffering from minor injuries, exposure and dehydration. Still its all a mystery to Darryl how it came about he was able to return home without any recollection of how he actually got there. The police, neighbors and those searching were nonetheless very pleased this story came to a happy end.

And  just sitting and hearing this story one becomes aware Darryl Kropielnicki may never have all the answers but one thing is certain, the angels were there to make sure Darryl got home safely and perhaps this was not only a challenge but also as
Darryl put it..."There are many things unknown about the mind and how things fall into place at a time we need to be strong..." and indeed Darryl
Kropielnicki needed to be strong and whatever it was that brought him home safely - could very well have been that he was truly in the presence of angels....