We always enjoy the spectacular 6 or 7 hour drive that takes us out of Alberta up to our timeshare in the Columbia Valley, and when they say that time seems to stand still in this region, they are right. That is part of the joy of coming out here, to simply relax, knowing that around us not only spectacular scenery but an abundance of wildlife, which include wolverine and even Caribou if you drive out towards the rockies at Revelstoke. And you would hardly know there was a nasty mud slide out here back in July. Time and innovation have taken care of those things. For bird lovers, this region must be an absolute paradise, considering there is the Great Blue Heron and Lewis's woodpecker among others. And in this land of continuous wetlands you can find trumpeter swans, bald eagles, hawks, many varieties of song birds and in the woods the large
mamals have their home, the grizzly, moose, elk
along with the wolf. And the cull planned for deer
has been put on hold at least for now. Some folks come out for the salmon run, others for an opportunity to ski or hike. Just perhaps to be in the presence of this region where indeed time seems to stand still. I love in particular the mornings, watching the mountains awaken under the blanket of mist and haze, noticing an occassional deer darting across the golf course and breathing in the fresh air. We are not here for any specific reason, but to simply be in the presence of the greatness of the rockies, the Purcell Mountains and the remarkable beauty of the Columbia Valley....and this in itself helps to restore the soul in its own quiet way....and we know, we shall return...