In a recent article by Al Thomas, he reminds us: Don't Run Out of Tommorows...and Al goes on to say: "Time to get out of that rut...Don't be one of those who is always planning, but never pulls the trigger. Do you want to look back and say...I wish I had...stop planing and do it, Right or wrong..."

And perhaps we need some sort of slap in the wrist once in a while, to get out of  our comfort zone, as one of my former Pilot associates used to say... Live dangerously...

Al Thomas tells us he started several businesses, written several successful books,had a comfortable motor home and travelled the U.S.  He even built and flew an airplane, lived aboard a 41 foot sailboat and is now pondering relocating to another country and maybe even find a new sweetheart!!

Al Thomas continues: "Get out from in front of the t.v. Do something your friends thinks is dumb, but Al continues...Why do you care, Life is too short to look back and wish....stop it..

And (Al) is right. There is no perfect time, no best time, no right place. And don't run out of tomorrow's.  Do look for the book by Al Thomas
called, "If  It Doesn't go up...don't buy it."

And dear reader, good luck to you with your new
project, whatever it is...we need to learn, to try something new, or as Al Thomas tells us, GET OUT OF THAT RUT, otherwise you could be stuck entire lifetime....