What is right and what is wrong? Some would answer that it depends on how you define the word right. In the matter of Maria Alekhina, Yekaterina
Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova - these
three young educated girls, one being an artist, another a poet and environmentalist and the third one works with computers,- but keep in mind they decided to firstly demonstrate within a sacred place,
and also used this event to denounce President Vladimir Putin.  Risky business in a place like Russia where the laws just happen to be strict and quite different from Canada or the United States...

Seven years for a demonstration? Well, perhaps President Putin could have passed a sentence which
would involve these young ladies in community work or something similar. They do not appear to be hardened criminals and the offence was probably something along the line of being stupid but  not really criminal, at least by our standards...still, to pull off a stunt in a Church and speak out against the leader of the land, is probably not the most brilliant idea here or anywhere for that matter... and to say that it was the supremacy of an idea over personality...well, does that really make sense?

And for Paul McCartney and other musicians to
get involved...just does not help with the final issue here, that being, do these three young girls deserve to go to prison over a demonstration and in their minds they must be thinking what Russia might look like in seven years...if thats what they get...
and is that really what they deserve? Is it?