Those of us who write blogs like to think our readers will respond in like fashion. Express an opinion or offer an idea or two. But lately I have been receiving comments that express nonsense and in one instance was bordering on a cross between hate mail and a threat. And that is not the reason that bloggers like to blog. Not at all. But I do suppose as we grow and increase our audience we also are inclined to realize and accept that some who read and respond - may have some ulterior motive, possibly to attempt to quiet the blogger, or to bring humour to a serious matter or simply the desire to spill water on the whole idea of blogging.
But it only further empowers the blogger and results in more blogs, not less.

So this blog is for those few, very few, who have the inclination to plain and simple act and behave like monkeys. And for you - we can always put aside a banana or two, because we recognize the reasons for your input, and that would be - you also have a desire to blog but cannot find the words nor have the ability to produce something of use, so you stick with your best talent, that being nonsense.
And just remember, it only fuels the fire of all of us who blog for the right reasons. So in a dark sort of way, we thank you.....