How many of you are suppressing your anger, jealousy, resentment, or any other emotions you have deemed as bad or wrong? There is nothing more harmful to you body than suppressing your emotions and there is another way. Emotions are packed with energy and when we suppress them and don’t allow it a natural outlet it has no place to go but inside of us. It is the cause of many illnesses and creates huge amounts of stress in your body. We all read books about being the observer, but do we take the time to do it. You can start by observing the behavior in others. Normally if someone is rude or exhibits some unkind behavior it can ignite a number of emotions from us. We may be angered, hurt, and sometimes embarrassed by things people say and do to us. Instead of reacting to this behavior just observe it and make a decision if it is something you want in your life. If not, know that it belongs to them and take your attention from it. Don’t take it personally, don’t be hurt by it, and most of all don’t carry it by believing it has anything to do with you. When you get really good at doing this then start observing yourself. Do it exactly the same way. When you exhibit some “bad” behavior just witness it. Don’t blame yourself, don’t try to suppress it, and don’t beat yourself up over it. Just look at it and do the same thing you did with strangers. Make a decision on whether this is something you want to be part of you. If not, “choose” to choose another way of acting. In this way you are not suppressing, you are choosing. This way the energy is allowed to be released and you will be pleasantly surprised that you will get less and less of them. Emotions just want to be allowed and once they are they become much less persistent and volatile. There is no remorse, no mental beating, and no judgement involved. When we learn to observe ourselves and others we can loose judgement and gain compassion. We realize that just like us people make mistakes and they do behave in ways that are not who they really are. Every one has a past and a story to tell and none is more justified then our own, so it is important to recognize others in their stories. People behave badly for good reasons, many we may never know or understand. Become an observer in your own life and in the lives of others and enjoy the freedom that comes from leaving judgement out of it.