Breath Work and it’s Benefits If you haven’t ever done breath work before perhaps you want to consider it. There are many different ways to remove blockages and I found breath work to actually be one of the best ways to do this. I did a breath work session for the first time about a week ago. Why it took me so long to try it out I don’t know. I have done a variety of things in this arena, but nothing prepared me for the experience I had. We started the session with a meditation to get me relaxed and prepared. Lying down on a comfortable table we began the breathing techniques. I breathed in and out through my parted lips bringing the air only through the mouth. I remember feeling about 20 minutes into the session that this was stupid and my mouth was getting uncomfortably dried out. I found it strange that the practitioner continued to talk with me throughout the session. I kept wondering if he was going to be quiet so I could slip off into a meditative state and get the full benefit of what it is we were doing. This was not to be the case, I remained fully aware and conscious throughout the whole time, which in the end made for a richer experience. I started to have a very heavy pulsing in the solar plexus at the center of my belly. The practitioner pressed down on this area and instructed me to continue to breath through it. I felt the breath catch in my throat as emotions started to well up inside me. My initial response was to close my mouth and begin to sob, but he would have no part of that. He continued to coach me through it breathing into it and assisting it’s release. We move past that blockage and continued on. About 30 minutes into the breathing I started to sense a humming in my body. My hands and feet became heavy and I felt as though I had a heavy weight covering my whole body. As we continued the breathing that at first felt laborious became natural and seemed to be continuing without me doing it any longer. The vibration in my body got higher and higher and I felt like one of those tops that we had as kids that we would strike the ground with over and over until we got it spinning fast enough we could set it down and let it go. I became aware that this was the vibration of who I was. I can’t describe the power that cursed through my body and I believe the heavy weight I was feeling was the density of physical existence. As we raise the prana through the breath in our bodies we become capable of holding more of our spirit or soul essence. The soul then can live more fully in the body and we can feel it’s presence. We can also feel the presence of our body in retrospect to the soul. It was as if there were two of me, my physical body feeling my spiritual body and my spiritual body feeling my physical body. It was one of those experiences that would leave me forever changed. Through the breath we can wash away all our feelings of inadequacy and lack of power. When you feel your spirit with in your body you are able to realize how much more you are than what you had thought. It was a very empowering and life changing experience, to be introduced to yourself as spirit.