Just as banks worldwide have changed the overall structure of things they offer customers, there are still some that do not offer such things as senior discounts for cheque writing and seem to have no end to service fees.

But customers are catching on. Customers want not only honest and reliable service, but to be treated as though the bank really cares about them. And banks that are able to offer lower interest rates on credit cards, and a bunch of other useful services are holding onto customers. The banks that get caught up on old fashioned methods are going the way of the dinosaur. There is now online banking, easier access to loans and mortgages. But stop here at mortgages. Some banks consider only 50 percent of rental income as part of the income package when an application is made for a mortgage. Other banks look at 100 percent of rental income. Some banks are very particular about credit reports and end up getting outdated information without consideration for the customer to update this information. There is direct deposit, ability to purchase mutual funds. The creation of investment within a tax free savings account and many many new methods created for safer and better banking. But again, some stay with the old school methods and those banks cannot possibly move into the new trend banking community unless they change. 

Don't take your bank for granted. Check up on them just as they check up on you. Give them high marks or low marks on your personal banking report. Challenge them where possible to give you a better deal and let them know that the competition may have a better deal  because unless you tell them, things are not likely to change,

And how is your bank treating you today?