What do you think when you think Canada Day. Naturally parades and fireworks. Well, it seems some people have other ideas. Some years ago when our kids were still in elementary school we drove near the river valley and lo and behold some young ladies were pulling down their trousers as vehicles went by. Yikes. Our two girls thought it was a silly thing to do. Mother asked me what I was grinning about? Hmmm. Canada day.

Just a couple of years ago a couple were obviously in the party mood and the fellows wife or girlfriend showed off her top as cars and trucks went by. Yes yes, Canada Day. And it did cause a traffic jam....

This marks this special Canada Day  ( 145 years old) the first celebration in 1867 when Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario basically formed this nation. It was Dominion Day up until 1982 aand Canada Day starting in l983.

July is pretty much the 1/2 point of the year.

So as toasters like to toast I shall say in good humour, Happy Canada Day and bottoms up. Remember to please make it a safe day, don't drink and drive and if your intention is to make a spectacle of yourself, at least try to do so without
causing a traffic accident. Such things distract drivers. Hmmmm