Aristotle and even Francis Bacon wrestled with the answer to that question. Why warm water freezes faster than cold?  Well, I did study Latin for one year in high school, but its gotten pretty rusty.
For example, "Acqua parum tepida facilius conglacitur quam  omnino fragida" or put another way: "slightly tepid water freezes more easily than that which is utterly cold..." Descartes had his theory of vortices. Now it could be something about convection. The top of a container freezing faster than the bottom....Hmmm

So there is a challenge for you and a chance to make some money as well. Just figure out the answer. It could have much to do with evaporation, convection, frost, super cooling, insullating, thermal conductivity, etc.  So just remember to take all these scientific matters into consideration when you try to figure out the answer.

And remember, scientists have been looking for an answer for over 2300 years.  Good luck.