I think it was way back when the kids were quite young. I was a property manager at the time. And quite simply, we needed to have a family doctor.
The decision was based on whether you attended at the local medi-centre or found a regular doctor, a regular guy you could share all your medical troubles with. And what a great feeling to have such a friend. And in my opinion, your doctor should be pretty much a friend, someone who watches the family grow, watches mom and dad put on too many pounds around the waist, is there to discuss simple aches and pains and there when you have just had an operation and need to understand all the issues. This is something its impossible to share with a new face at the medi-centre, rather someone familiar with the entire family history,
And it can take time and effort to find someone you can call by the first name, invite to a birthday party and share personal issues with.

You want someone who gives simple answers to complicated questions, someone who can tell you precisely when to take certain medicines and times when you need to stop taking certain medicines.
There needs to be trust. Doctor tells you do this and you do this. Doctor tells you to take that and you take that. With an explanation as to why you need to have a specific prescription and what its going to do for you. Your doctor needs to  be a professional and at the same time a friend who asks where you are going on vacation, asks about your latest job and shares information on new products. He or She does not talk down to you, but remains on that personal level which allows you to respect the job he has and how the information he provides is going to be beneficial.

Its so very important to have a family doctor.