I am sure that many of you have heard the term The Dark Nigh of the Soul before, but do you really understand what it is about? The dark night of the soul is a period of time where you are caught between your old self and your spiritual self. As you begin to leave behind old ways of thinking you start to feel less and less a part of your old life. Because the new life is not yet created you are left a float with a feeling of not belonging anywhere. You don’t quite fit with the advanced spiritual people who seem to have everything implemented and working. There are many things about yourself you are not happy with and are working on. It is a very lonely time and how long it will go on is different for everyone. The stronger your ego and your perceived self, the harder it will be to break through. The ego wants a piece of the action, it doesn’t care if it is you being a mother, father, college professor, or now a spiritual being. It will accept this idea of becoming a spiritual being because it can see itself playing that role. That may even give it some power and recognition and it is all over that. Navigating these waters won’t be easy. You have to have a keen sense of awareness and keep yourself honest. Make sure you spiritual path is about you knowing yourself and making the world a better place. Be careful not to get caught up and start using your enlightenment to be viewed as a superior being. When all the old things that use to bring you joy have gone stale clearly you are in the dark night of the soul. The parties you use to attend filled with idle conversations have now become intolerable experiences. Your outward appearance, although you keep it up, just isn’t as important as it once was. The days when you hung onto every compliment you received are long gone and the only view your are concerned with is the one you have of yourself. Even though this time can feel terrible, I assure you it is not. What is terrible is blindly going along in life and not putting any thought into the deeper meaning of life. In order for your soul to progress and move to higher states of awareness it has to become aware of itself. In order for you to reach your highest potential and tap into your gifts you must drop your disguise and see who you really are. The best things in life come after hard work. A fifty year marriage, a long standing successful business, a friendship from grade school on, and the discovery of your spiritual self. All of these things we had to stick with them, it wasn’t always easy, but in the end we had something we were proud of. This journey into the self will be a long one, but one well worth the effort.