When a captain gives an order the crew immediately carries out his request. They don’t question it. They know that he is in charge and he is making the decisions that he feels are the best. You are the captain of your ship, your life, and you have a crew. All you have to do is give commands to your subconscious mind and believe that they will be carried out no questions asked. The subconscious is the power house of creation. It doesn’t know whether what you are asking is correct, it only does what it is told. If you are in a state of appreciating something and admiring it your subconscious mind will bring you more of what you are focused upon. Likewise, if you are focused upon something you don’t like it will also bring you that as well. You see it doesn’t question you it only follows your directions. There is unfortunately a lot of crap stored in you unconscious mind that was put there by you from experiences you have had a long the way. Brainwashing from media, critical comments from friends, relatives, bosses, and teachers have all caused a build up of untruth’s with in you. These untruth’s are what have been forming and creating the life you are living today. Now is the time to change what is stored in your subconscious so that you can actively create more of what you want. Give strong, clear commands, don’t weakly, or hopefully, ask for the things you want, command it. If you see something you want, speak to it and tell it I will have that, that is mine now. Start with a small item to build your confidence and soon you will begin to realize there is nothing you can’t bring to yourself as long as you believe you can. It is important that you don’t set ideas of how things have to happen in this process. For example if you are wanting more money keep your eyes open and watch how miraculously the universe brings this to you. You may notice you have been over charged on your credit card, someone may send you a gift card, you may go to buy something you need only to find out it is half of the usual price. You get the idea, look for money coming to you in a variety of ways not just the way you expect it to. That is just one small example of how it works, there are thousands more. Most importantly believe in power of your own creative mind. Your thoughts are very powerful, all you need to do is ask and be expectant. What have you got to lose, give it a try?