Understanding the two Parts of Your Mind There are really two parts to your mind that you must understand in order to create the world you want to manifest in your life. If you take the example of a captain on a ship this gives you an idea of how things work. He decides when and where to sail. The crew waits for his command and then they simply follow it. No one questions the captain and it is known that he is in charge. You are much the same. Your conscious mind is the part of you that is in charge. It gives orders through thoughts and feelings to your subconscious mind, or your crew. The subconscious mind carries out the orders. It doesn’t think about them, it doesn’t question them, it simply responds to the commands. A singer is back stage waiting to perform. He becomes anxious, old beliefs start running through his mind. “You are going to crack, you can’t sing, they won’t like you.” The singer has two choices, he can believe the subconscious mind and go out on stage and fail or he can give a command from his conscious mind to stop it in it’s tracks. He chooses to say, “The big me wants to sing, so the little me needs to quiet down.” There is immediate relief and the singer goes out onto the stage and gives the performance of his life. Sounds simple, it is. Stop believing in the self defeating ways that have been programmed into your mind. Feed yourself with positive images and outcomes. Look for the best in people and situations. Start to notice what you are thinking about and how your are thinking about it. Be aware that your subconscious mind is the part of you that runs your entire body functions by itself with no in put from you. It pumps your blood, circulates your system, signals you to eat, to wake, to sleep, all of this is done without any of your conscious awareness. That should give you an idea of the power of your subconscious mind. Not only is it doing all of these things it is also creating your reality through beliefs that were instilled in you as a child that you may not even be aware of. You can’t change every belief that is stored in the subconscious and heal them all at once, but what you can do is be aware of what you are adding to it now. In doing this you will start to also notice some old stored thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, that you can start to discount. The way to do this is to give correct commands to your subconscious mind. When it responds with fear, defeat, or any other negativity, stop it in it’s tracks. Give the command from your conscious mind of what you want to believe and want to make manifest in your life. Change your inner world and your outer world will change. Understand this universal truth. Electricity is always electricity, metal expands when heated, and your subconscious mind creates your reality based on what you tell it you want OR don’t want :).