~Fears of massive amounts of  debris  from the Tsunami in Japan  IN 2011...are   heading to the west coast  ..  more rapidly than expected.. ... and some may have already reached there. What are we going to do about it ? How will it affect those folks that are living there? what are the health concerns  ? There is everything from fishing boats   to  furniture and maybe even body parts or worse causing much worry for the environment people.
 Hopefully ...the health officials in whatever departments  that handle this concern . sets up a programme ..as to what people finding these things  ...should be doing.... and who to contact about it. 
 My other concern is what about the fish  and how is it affecting the fish and wildlife ?
 And what about the beautiful beaches        .....What will happen to them ? They will be like landfills..... i wonder if there is a remedy ...  or a plan in order.. awaiting all this mess?I sympathize   with the people that are in close range to this upcoming problem or better yet the problem at hand.    Hopefully   someone is ready    to  *meet the mess* and deal with it  .......accordingly.