Just how dangerous  is   *lack of sleep ?
 I know ... that sleep deprivation...  has many causes....  and effects many people... in the world.... in many different ways...  as well`
 First of all what are the causes ? I imagine the causes are unending..It could be anything from insomnia to RLS.. to worry.  and much much more such as stress and anxiety~
  When we suffer from *Sleep deprivation ...   it is opening a whole can of worms.....    It totally effects our whole well being.....
 our personality ... our awareness ... actions  such as our behaviour. and more.
  The amount of sleep needed  for each individual differs.the average adult requires about 6-9 hours...  but children require more sleep  as they are growing.
Some  people  who work shift work    can not sleep.... as the sleep pattern... is broken... with the different shifts,,,,This sleeping problem can be very dangerous   for the most part.   
 It also effects the immune system,,
 I also causes * lack of concentration    *   which is most important .... and often times people fall asleep at the wheel  that spells  *DANGER*   right there.
 Also  *sleep deprivation* is the cause of *road rage*. 
 The list just goes on and on...
 The brain simply loses function.......
  if you are having trouble sleeping   it is totally