What kind of a winter are we having here in Alberta ? Oh dear me.. barely enough snow this winter to call it a proper winter..
 Does this mean  that we will suffer for the lack of it?  Maybe  *if*  just if... we do not get much more  snow.. does that mean that the farmers will be in deep trouble?  And maybe there wont be as many berries this spring on the trees  ?
 Will the crops suffer?.... and prices of food   could  go up.. sky high ?   
 Well ....   I shall not fret.......    I will just have to wait and see what  will materialize.
 We still have March  to go through.. and March can be a brutal month  .  with a pile of snow ....  or not...Smile
 Life is so full of surprises  isn’t it..
 I suppose if we all worried about everything  we would have no time to enjoy the wonderful things that are right in front of us and free  at that   .
I am sitting right in front of the window in the office  room... watching the light snow and the windmill turning somewhat quickly... indicating to me that the wind has picked up some.
  The birds have been flying from one feeder to the other and putting on a nice little show of nature.
 Well ...it looks like there is actually a dusting of light snow on the sidewalks... just enough to go out and get a bit of exercise  and fresh air... .. while sweeping   the snow.     When i think about ...what a nice mild winter it is .. I forget all about the  *what if’s *   ~