Sometimes the word trust does not mean anything. I discovered an article hidden away in the local newspaper. It appears that one of the excellent journalists from Post Media did some fine work to
come up with this shocking article...Post Media journalists being the top in their field.

It seems the Stanley Park Childrens Farmyard operating in Vancouver, B.C. decided it was necessary to find a new home for pygmy and dwarf goats, sheep, cows, two pot-bellied pigs, two donkeys, a llama, pony, birds, reptiles, rabbits and other small animals. Under the terms of the adoption the small and larger animals were supposed to be able to live out their remaining days in peace and safety.

It seems one operator was not properly checked out.
Under questioning this party acknowledged that the four sheep were dead. This party also operated a business of selling raw dog food.

So, the Vancouver Park Board completed an investigation and determined to get back whatever other animals might still be alive. One Park Board
Chair Woman said the whole matter made her sick -
a nightmare -
But for the dead animals, the investigation is too little and too late....and for the children who had known the animals by their first name - well, thats
terribly sad....and unfortunate.

Hopefully a lesson will be learned here.