We must admit - both the oil industry and the environmentalists have brought up some valid information.

The oil industry compares pipelines to highways -
necessary to fuel the way we live. Society depends on oil. So what are the main issues here with this
pipeline crossing the prairies, through the rockies and north to Kitimat? Well, for one thing, the very wide and deep port at Kitimat is considered most suitable by the oil industry- tankers being able to come and go, collect the oil and haul product to Asia. It almost seems simple enough...
but on the other side of the coin the environmentalists, first nations and even some ordinary folk feel its not good enough.

The oil industry still maintains, but it is. Safer than trucks and the railroad. But pipelines can and do rupture, corrode and leak on occassion and that seems to be the issue. Because even minimal leakage could cause irreparable harm to plants and animals in these eco-sensitive regions. And further to that even though wide and deep port at Kitimat is considered so perfect to the oil industry, its another issue to environmentalists who tell us there is a threat to the orca, humpback and fin whales...and it seems the great numbers of these species in this region is another issue in itself.

So what is the answer? Society needs oil. Oil spills are possible - build or not to build?

Just perhaps the oil industry could utilize, if it were possible, just as the railroad has a separate spur line in different areas and highways have run-a-way lanes, why not some provision of that sort? Well, even with a minimal threat of 1.97 failures per 1609
kilometers of pipeline (as an example) that  1.97 is still a threat!

So maybe that is the answer to keep both sides happy, to address in some creative way or innovative process -to address the risk, just maybe
this whole process could work and oil could continue its merry way to the coast and off to Asia?
Again, society depends on oil!! What do you think?